March 6, 2011

My learnings from Robin Sharma's workshop 'Leader without a title'

Last week I was fortunate to attend Robin Sharma's Live workshop on 'Leader without a Title'. Three hours of listening to Robin Sharma was incredibly enlightening. I paid Rs 3000 (the cheapest ticket available) for the ticket which I felt was an investment.

It's a privilage to share a few of my key learning from the session:

  • Most of the times we get busy being 'busy'. We keep climbing the wrong mountain and realize the same much later. Do not live the life of regrets. We deserve the best and not 'mediocrity'.
  • 2.1 hours are wasted on distractions and it takes 25 minutes to refocus at your work. Ensure distractions at work are completely removed.
  • Three duties of a leader: Creating impact, Influencing, Inspiring.
  • You double your income at triple the rate of your learning.
  • The king and the begger would be buried next to each other's grave. What matters towards the end is not the car you drove or the castle you lived in. What really matters is how much value did you add in others lives.
  • Ideation without lazor sharp execution is only dillusion.
  • Your behavior broadcasts your values.The way you do one thing, the way you do 'everything'. Disipline is indeed the key.Get rid of silly excuses.Get addicted to results.
  • If you lead only by the virtue of your title, then when you loose the title , you loose the people.
  • Lead yourself first before leading others. Aim at being a great human being.
  • When you were born, you cried and others rejoiced. Live such a life that when you die, others cry.
  • Always learn and embrace change. Successful people are inspired by change.
  • Unsuccessful people are the ones who are impressed by celebrity, by people's names and titles. Shift your focus from entertainment and gossip to education.
  • Find a cause bigger than yourself and give your soul to it.
  • Secret of passion is purpose.
  • Leadership comes from bringing passion to the workplace by making each person realise his true potential. You can be the Lady Gaga of autodrivers or the Mick Jagger of the mailroom. Be a rockstar at work.
  • Managers develop organisations, leaders develop people.
  • Connecting and collaborating is what Leadership 2.0 is about. You need to remind people at your workplace that each of them has a purpose and can be a leader if they work with focus and passion.
  • Consistency is the mother of mastery.
  • The little acts of risk taking, authenticity and kindness REALLY matters.
  • Secret to genius is specializattion. Geniuses are really good at FEW things and not everything.
  • Make sure when people leave you they feel better than the time they met you. They should become the brand ambassadors of your company and not brand vampires.
  • Edit + Amplify: Nothing fails like success. Ensure the growth is purposeful. Let's not grow for growth sake.
  • Keep your video in sync with your audio: Walk the talk...Practice what you preach...
  • Pleasing everyone and being liked by everyone is a major hinderance to innovation.
  • Successful people want to make history with their work and not money. They want their work to remain alive even after their last breath.
  • 8 traits of a leader without a title:
  1. APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility
  2. OAD: Obsessicve Attention to Details
  3. LBE: Lead By Example
  4. ABBOU: Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value
  5. NSI: Never Stop Improving
  6. BIW: Best In World
  7. BRBO: Put you Best Resource in Best Oppurtunities
  8. KMF: Keep Moving Forward
  • High productivity practicees:
  1. Get up early- You will have enough time to sleep when you die ;-)
  2. Do not check e mails in the morning. Creativity appears best in morning. Spend some quite time in solitude.
  3. Learn to say 'No' with respect.
  4. No gossips and critisicm. Truly world class people talk about ideas.
  5. Clarity provides focus and creativity.
  6. Eat less and in a purposeful manner.
  7. Drink lots of water and super hydrate yourself.
  8. Be aware of your environment. The external environment inspires internal creativity.
  9. Practice & preparation are the key as all of us are in show business.
  10. Ensure you make 5 daily wins. They need not be revolutionary in nature, but should be evolutionary.
  11. Develop 'leadership language'. Your words energise you and others.
  12. Leave your ego today
Hope this helps :-)