September 22, 2013

'LUNCHBOX'-Virtues of error

A taciturn man who is about to retire from his professional life but hopes against hope to get inducted into a new fulfilling phase of life....

A married woman whose culinary skills opens the floodgates of her emotions  to a pen friend....

A Lunchbox....

"If we dont find the right person in life to share our memories with then the memories itself fade away". While Irfan Khan renders this line in the movie Lunchbox, you feel struck by the layers of emotions cocooned in it. 

Lunchbox is a movie which spells its magic on the audience with its sincere storyline, the magical realism of the two leads played by Irfan Khan & Nirmat Kaur along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s unbridled yet subtle acting prowess  and the under celebrated virtues of love & simplicity in modern times.

Its a movie that stands tall and makes you feel humbled. It’s a movie which must not be reviewed but only experienced. 

Its heart warming how Nawazuddin Siddiqui tells Irfan Khan "A wrong train can lead a person to the right destination”.

The movie deals with how a remote mistake by the much famed Dabbawalas leads to the 'right Lunchbox' being delivered to the 'wrong destination' but to the 'right person'.

While you get geared up to watch this movie, please make an attempt to recognize the’virtues’ made possible due to the error of an innocent Dabbawala.

This time it’s virtues of an error being celebrated and thankfully not comedy of errors.