October 29, 2007

Talent Branding

The word 'Brand' seems to be a very familiar cell in the marketing DNA but with the growing capitalist nature of our job,life and the thought process; we somehow can very easily associate Brand with anything which has a keen consumer market. Be it a familiar FMCG,Movie,Book,Educational Institution to the more new age products like thoughts[in the form of blog],networking[Orkut,Face Book],Career[IT,BPO,KPO] etc to the more recent but ever existing product called 'Talent'.

It's overwhelming to see my aspirational domain area getting more market savvy or for that matter even Tech Savvy like 'SAP HR Process'.

Now let me justify the chemistry between 'Talent' & 'Brand'-

*In the marketing domain we serve the external customer & in the Human Resorce domain we serve the internal customer. Afterall we both serve 'customers'. Though we need to be a little more clearer about the products and services we serve to the internal customer.

* Talent is the hottest selling entity[ Sorry!!!! for using the word 'entity'.Thanks to my vocabulary constraint...he...he...he] in the corporate market. In other words 'job hopping' is ever increasing because of 'personal reasons'[We know exactly what personal reasons actually mean...Don we????].
So the demand & supply of talents is either getting a thrashing in the wrong place in terms of quantity or quality of talents.

So according to my knowledge bandwith [Thanks to my B.B.A from MCC, my common sense and my keen interest in people] I feel anything which qualifies to be in the realms of demand & supply inturn can be or rather must be catapulted to a more respectable height through the propeller which is branded as 'Brand'.

*Yesterday after watching the trailor of Om Shanti Om, I was in my Half Karmic state [day dreaming state] thinking about the way this movie was getting promoted or in other terms' 'marketed''. I recently read in the internet that it has already made crores before it's release itself. Now what makes this movie a success before it's release itself. With all due respect to all other propellers of the movie like the experimental Farah Khan, gorgeous Deepika Padukone[my collegues latest crush], the supporting cast,behind the scene people; I still feel it's Shahrukh[known as SRK] who is the most powerful catalyst of the movie.
Or should I say SRK the 'Brand' as it was quoted by someone once that in bolly wood only the popular three letter word S** and SRK sells. The movie's USP is SRK and he has reinvented his brand with a new USP in itself called 6 pack abs. Probably SRK will be giving more contribution to health and fitness for our youth [I am a part of it too:-)] than any fitness guru has ever done in this country.
We are here discussing about a 'BRAND' called SRK and even a 'TALENT' at the same time.
Talent Branding is not new in bollywood, it was there in Sholay too. Don we all still remember the brand called 'Jai','Veeru',Basanti,'Gabbar','Thakur Baldev Singh ',Radha'.The brand 'Sholay' in itself had brands like them. And all these brands were as big if not bigger than the parent brand 'Sholay'.
If your company has the guts and I repeat the word 'GUTS'[ I am completely in my senses while using the word] to create such talent brands then only the company's brand would be a long lasting flourishing success.But be careful you kick out the Gabbar Singhs[not literally] and tightly hug[literally] the super hero brands of your company.

Earlier this month we celebrated the first year anniversary of our rocking team in our esteemed company. The certificates of excellence which were presented to us had our names written on it along with a lovely title for each of us. Mine read as 'Saikat, The Perky Pundit'. It really made me happy but I am sorry for self promoting myself this way[ But why should I feel sorry,afterall I am just promoting the brand in the making called 'Saikat Saha']

Wishing all you Human Resource Superstars a very happy,safe and prosperous Talent Branding

-Saikat Saha[A wannabe Human Resource Superstar]

October 1, 2007


In this era where people are at a constant race to do things which they are expected to do and not things which they want to do; we need a support system which could aid us to do which we are expected to do.

That support system to me is called ‘spirituality’. Spirituality has provided me immense strength to find keen interest and a great drive in what I am expected to do as well as in things which I want to do in life.

What does exactly spirituality mean to all of us???? Everyone has their own perception to it.

What surprises to me the most is that most of us think spirituality and religion means the same. But I believe religion is just a divine medium to derive spiritual fulfillment. I have loads of friends who are spiritually intelligent but are not religious. They don’t know the Gayatri Mantra, they don visit the church everyday, they don read the Namaz five times a day. But for me they qualify to be spiritually intelligent. They know themselves well, they know what they want in their life and they are compassionate. What else should a man expect from spirituality in the 21st century where it’s too easy to be cynical while chasing the rat race???

I have also found an easy and interesting medium of spirituality. I simply try and keep the kid inside me alive through a game of table tennis, sometimes through cartoon network and sometimes while reading the works of Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond. It helps me to listen to the beautiful music composed in my heart; it makes me a lesser cynical man and motivates me to be an impractical optimist in life. Again I raise the question of what else do you expect from spirituality????

My colleagues in the office greet me with Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday and Happy Friday accordingly based on which day of the week it is. What it results into is ‘celebration of work’. Again I ask u the question, have you ever found a more spiritually inclined workplace????

My friend on getting his first salary donates the entire amount to an orphanage instead of making a so called intelligent ‘investment’. Is that not spiritual????

Huge number of youth gathers on road to distribute water and food packets to the shocked public minutes after serial bomb blast in Mumbai. I certainly believe such act of compassion does qualify as a potent prerequisite of spiritual intellect.

Even small acts like growing consciousness of physical fitness to wearing a livestrong band to support a noble cause to the immense public support provided during Jessica Lal murder case to participating in a marathon to the online signature campaign against the very recent molestation of women in DU campus by wanna be police men is extremely spiritual to us.

All the above mentioned paragraphs speak volumes about the spiritual enlightment of this Rang De Basanti era. I hope India continues to grow in it’s spiritual front in this manner. This to me is the contemporary face of spirituality with all due respect to what my readers perceive as spirituality.

We all are more comfortable with contemporary things…. Aren't we???????
-Saikat Saha