December 23, 2008

In conversation....

Once a popular HR practitioner addressing a group of HR students said that it becomes very important that apart from academics, HR students must pursue various interests with utmost passion as each interest areas can teach something valuable to us especially in the Human Behavior context.

Lionel Wilkins is my class mate,good friend,a keen future HR practitioner,a college heart
throb and a passionate salsa dancer.
Following is the excerpt of a conversation I had with him:

Me: When did you get introduced to Salsa?
Lionel: Well!!! I am four years young in learning Salsa.

Me: What have been your accomplishments?
Lionel: I was the runners up in All Chennai Salsa Congress and I have completed L A Cuban-Advance 4 level.
Me: What does these accomplishments mean to you?
Lionel: It gives me a sense of gratification and it serves as an indicator of where I stand as a Salsa Dancer.

Me: What has been the influence of Salsa on you?
Lionel: I have become a better dancer and it has been extremely instrumental in aligning my body, mind and soul. I guess it has made me more graceful too.

Me: What is 'grace' according to you?
Lionel: Grace is pleasantness according to me. It's the ease or aplomb with which you conduct yourself.

Me: Salsa is being used as an employee engagement initiative in various companies. What's your views on it?
Lionel: I would certainly introduce Salsa in the company I will work for in future. It's truly a thoughtful HR initiative and I am sure it will serve a great purpose. It's a rhythemic way to unwind and de-stress yourself after all the hardwork in office.It's a dance form which makes you feel good about yourself and that prepares you to make others feel good too. Salsa revolves around great team work where you are constantly dancing with a partner and also multiple partners at times. This requires brilliant understanding and mutual respect between each other. Team work ,mutual understanding and respect are the foundation of any proffesional relationship and hence, Salsa serves a purpose here too. It provides a superb workout and can be a fun way towards engaging in health and fitness.Finally, like in any other art form, here also you need a lot discipline. So, once you can achieve discipline in one area of your life then you can translate it in other areas of your life too.
Me: What are the common motivators behind a person to join Salsa Classes?
Lionel: The fact that it's a a lovely dance form is a motivator in itself. The earlier mentioned reasons in the last question I answered also propels a person to join Salsa classes if he is well read about salsa and it's benefits already. People also use it as a platform for networking and socialising.
Me: What would be your advice to people like me with long hands and legs, who finds it difficult to dance?
Lionel: Saikat! many tall guys are excellent Salsa dancers. It's meant for everyone whether you are tall or short, thin or fat. I would suggest you to embrace this dance form whole heartedly.
Me: What makes you so passionate about Salsa?
Lionel: Personally speaking, it fires your imagination bringing you to the heights of ecstacy and brings you down to the depth of your soul. I truly find it extremely romantic.
Me: You must be meeting a lot of attractive girls in your Salsa classes. Is your girl friend fine with it?
Lionel: She was a little hesitant earlier but now she is very supportive. She attends all my shows and has been very encouraging throughout. There is a lot of trust between us.

Me: I guess Salsa is known as a Man's dance.Now, that sounds a little chauvanistic.I wonder if this goes out well with women!!! What's your views on that?
Lionel: Traditionally in Salsa Dance the Man is the Leader and the Woman is the Follower . Together the Leader and the Follower are known as Dance Partners but the man leads only if the lady wants to follow. All is in her hands and she is extremely integral in the dance. There is no such animosity/divide mentality between the boys and the girls. Salsa improves the mutual respect and makes us a lot more confident about ourselves and each other. It's a very romantic dance form as I told you earlier. Many dance partners have actually married each other in the past.

Me: Brother!!! it was nice speaking to you. Thanks!!!
Lionel: My pleasure brother!!!

I hope this conversation will make most of us look at Salsa as a dance form which is beyond a mere dance form. Merry Christmas in advance!!!!!


Freedy said...

I find this conversation to be extremely interesting, and inspiring. My best friend is a salsa dancer too.
so,Good luck!!

Destress Yourself said...

very interesting concepts.

Saikat Saha said...

@Freedy & Destress yourself-Thanks so much for the comments....Merry Christmas!!!!!