February 24, 2009

Management lessons from wars in India....

This link in Rediff provides insights into management gems which are inspired from wars in India. It has several interesting slides so I would mention the lessons here as the readers can have a quick read:

1. Prepare a backup plan to face any contingency.
2.One could set an aggressive goal even if it is against popular belief or practice, provided one is determined and weighs the decision well by considering the full perspective.
3.Don't be rigid. One should be flexible in entertaining new ideas and suggestions from the team members, and take corrective actions if convinced.
4.Leadership does not come by position, but by the qualities one demonstrates.
5.Willing to change the strategy by learning from the failed ones. The goal is to find a winning strategy.
6.During execution, it is sometimes common to lose sight of the goal and move away from the path and take one that is not aligned with the end goal.
7.One should not be worried about setting aggressive goals for the fear of failure.

The author of the text in the link is Utkarsh Rai, author of 'Offshoring Secrets'.

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