June 25, 2009

A relook at CSR initiatives in economic recovery times...

A few days back, we were having an intense discussion in the class regarding the topic mentioned above.

The discussion mainly revolved around whether companies should involve themselves in CSR initiatives as the economic scene is slowly improving????

We did come to a conclusion. It's as follows:

"During the turbulent times the companies went ahead with mass lay-offs which tarnished their reputation. Now, since the scene is improving, companies can afford to involve themselves in genuine CSR projects that can ensure they can reclaim their lost 'Goodwill' and more importantly feel better about the company's persuits. This can certainly be a great move to do something great for the society and also infuse greater pride in employees to become a better part of their organizational fabric."

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Anonymous said...

Looking at CSR as a branding exercise and to redeem once pride is actually not a CSR itself. CSR is basically an organization's continuing commitment towards enhancing the quality of the life of the community in which an organization operates. CSR must intend to look into all stakeholders interests in a fair, equitable and just way. Therefore, it is very important for us to view CSR as a continuous, regular effort of an organization and not as stop-gap measures or one-time image redeeming exercise. Organizations also must be inclusive in earmarking CSR in their mission and commit to the same for ever.