November 14, 2009

Daily Performance Reviews [ Does that sound CRAZY???]

During a workshop conducted by Mr David Wittenberg , CEO, The Innovation Workgroup, Delhi on 'Innovation in HR', he gave us a case study to solve. We were required to come out with innovative ways of performance appraisal in a given context.

I suggested 'Daily performance reviews'. It was well appreciated by David Sir and others in the audience.

Let me explain the ' Daily Performance appraisal' in a brief and simple manner:

  • Before the employees leave for the day, they must take a few minutes to record their day's performance in a HR dashboard.
  • Every day must begin with a brief review of the employee's performance as recorded in the HR dashboard the last day.
  • The team must be included in the discussion along with a manager/ member of leadership team.
  • Discuss in great detail the cumulative performance records from the HR dashboard quarterly in a private manner with the boss [manger /leadership team member]
  • Identify performance gaps and establish the road map.
  • Execute the needful sincerely.
I am sure a lot of you might argue that this might be too time consuming. Face it guys: YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG [I CAN BET!!!!!]

This will save time and energy like never before. Give it a sincere thought. And in case you implement this in your organization, do give me the credit and beyond [You decide what's beyond ;-)]

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