March 17, 2009

Use of Video Camera during a grievance redressal session...

Hey readers!!!!!

I was mentioning a few HR practices to the company where I am doing my fieldwork. Most of them were based on high engagement impact and nominal monetary investment.

One of the practice which I recommended to them was 'The Listen Up' sessions. It's inspired from the 'let's talk' session which is implemented in TCS.

The 'listen up' session would deal with a regular forum where a team of associates can meet their tagged HR team and put their proffessional and people related issues in the attention of the HR team.

The HR team after keen listening would suggest the possible solutions or facilitate the process of seeking the solution from the associates.

However, the new addition to this relatively common HR practice is that it will be video taped with a proper camera[should produce quality clarity and sound] and it would be done in everyone's knowledge.

This video tape would be presented to the leadership team.

It will help in the following ways:
1. Would provide the pulse of the 'listen up' session to the leadership team.
2. Will encourage the employees to maintain proper decorum yet be very genuine with problems and their solutions.
3. No fabrication of information in session reports.
4. Will save a lot of time which would have been used for documentation and reporting of the session. Hence, HR will be able to focus on more critical or meaningful issues.
5. Would serve as a greater credidible source of future reference than report documents.
6. Would encourage people to come out with suggestions as it would guarantee immediate credit or debit of the suggestion through the video.
7. Last but not least, it would ensure that technology is leveraged well by the HR team ;-)


Ayeshwarya said...

It is an interesting idea which can be explored. What I feel is that most employees would be intimidated by the knowledge that the tapes would be viewed by the Management.That would make them less forthcoming. Initially having it just as an HR- employee/team meet would capture their reactions and concerns better.

Depending on the outcome, the further implementation can be redefined /fine tuned.

indikid said...

I'd agree with Ayeshwarya. Most employees will feel intimidated and threatened by this approach - given that most employees take to a highly guarded approach when interacting with higher management.

However, the concept is a good one as far as ease in communication and documentation is concerned!