May 16, 2009

Purpose of this blog???

Today, i am going to discuss the purpose of this blog. I guess this post should have been my first post but this is my 104th post .

It has been a nice & commited journey till now. I started this blog while I was working in TCS as a process associate. I was happy with my job but I was not able to persue my true passion [Human Resource Mgmt] as I was not in the HR dept.

Yet, I was an extremely keen observer and tried to learn more about HR functions from various friends and collegues. That helped me to come out with fresh ideas and thoughts on people issues and I needed a medium through which I could share them with my internet buddies.

This led to the birth of ideate zone.

Blogging has been one of my best learning source. During this course, I read blogs by many HR thought leaders and practitioners. I even got a lot of encouragement from them and I have been a huge fan of all the bloggers who helped me in this process.

Some of the key lessons which I had learned from blogging were:
1. Being open minded
2. Strive for learning and development
3. Being humble
4. Leverage creativity in all oppurtunities

Apart from HR thoughts, I also used this blog for my short stories, interviews, poems and other random thoughts.

Blogging has also helped me to make new friends.

To sum it up, it has been about ' an attempt to ideate on life, HR & beyond' ;-)

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