October 24, 2009

My first 'Fire Walking' experience...

Today I had an ecstatic experience of walking on FIRE!!!! A BIG thanks to SHRM-MTHR HR event in Chennai where Priya Kumar gave one of the most inspiring speech i have ever come across till date.

Before I share the fire walking experience, let me share a quick lesson I learned from her talk:

  • Some of the best philosophies behind success are simple yet a little wierd but genuine.
  • Courage & self belief are the two ingredients in overcoming our fear.
  • Once a person overcomes his fear, he grows as a person in multi-dimensions ie emotional, spiritual, mental etc.
The fire walk experience started off with great amount of doubts [not really fear] and once I completed it successfully [did it twice :-)], it helped me to gain greater clarity. On further retrospection, my self belief became stronger [it has always been quite strong though :-)].

I am sure a fire walking experience can be transformational for people who have acute fear of fire.

A FIRE walk might also help a great deal in removing insecurities of getting FIREd from your company.

PS: I also bought a book titled 'I am another you' by Priya Kumar. Read a few random pages. Seems very impressive. I even got it autographed by Priya :-)

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