April 9, 2010

Silence...Noise...Melody..[It's not about music..It's about HR..]

Consider that time gap between your campus placement day and your actual date of joining. It's a time period we all go through with varied emotions like intense anticipation to even intense confusion.

I feel this time gap is a sweet spot for the HR which they need to utilize wisely or else it might even turn into an ugly spot. A lot can be done by the HR during this period in terms of communication.

In other words, they can create different sorts of music in the candidate's ears.

Following are some of them:

1. Silence: This happens when the HR team goes into a period of absolute silence after giving the offer letter. There is no communication regarding work location, date of joining etc. This can often be interpreted or misinterpreted [Depends] as a sheer arrogance or even sluggishness of the HR team by the candidate. One of my friend joined a reputed company after approx 8 months of long wait since her campus recruitment. Enough damage was done till then. Finally she quit the company within few months of joining. I guess her relationship with the company started with a bad taste. She did complain to me saying that her company did not show respect for time. If the HR team does not show respect for time then it's sad.HR teams often feel that true communication begins from the induction day onwards. I feel that opinion is wrong. The genuine communication should be right from the time the offer letter is handed over to the candidate. The communication needs to be active, authentic and sincere.

2. Noise: I am not aware of any company so far that indulges in over-communication which might irritate the candidate during this period. But it's quite possible if the HR team takes the communication job sincerely yet not so intelligently. Over communication which might end up making the candidate more confused can do a great deal of harm.

3. Melody: Melody is the ideal form of communication in this period when important details like work location, date of joining, induction dates, information regarding the news & happenings in the company, future scope of development etc can be communicated. But what's equally important in this process is not only the content that is communicated but also the timing. It's fun for the candidate to tell his Professors & friends about all these information and having discussion over them while he is still in college. It keeps him emotionally engaged towards the company. Even small actions like gifting T-shirts or stationaries during this time can do wonders. It would be so cool to wear the T-shirt of the company you would be joining and walk around the campus. That's the kind of impact the right kind of communication and actions can generate.

I am lucky that the company which recruited me is creating melody :-)

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