May 17, 2010

Rural visits during induction....

There are times when we thank God for even the smallest blessings. And there are times when we are completely ignorant of the best things that happen to our life.

Remember that hot afternoon when you thanked God after drinking a chilled 'nimbu paani[Lemonade]'?
'Yes' most likely.

But do you remember thanking God while having one of your best meals in a luxury restaurant?
'Not really' I guess.

We are in a position to thank God and appreciate the 'nimbu paani' incident as we are put into a tough situation[extremely hot afternoon] & we get an instant gratification after drinking the 'nimbu paani' while there are many people around who are either too poor or too busy to enjoy the chilled nimbu paani.

Hence in order to appreciate even the little things in life we must recognize how it feels to have the lack of it.

The HR community focusses a great deal in orientation, training and also aims at 'value integration' during induction of new recruits.

I feel 'value integration' can not be easily executed as the HR community is always at a risk of getting too occupied with training and orientation.

Every well known company which I can think of has a certain sense of goodness in it's 'values'. In order to infuse that goodness in the new recruits , I feel 'rural visits' for a few days can serve the purpose.

I feel the following can be done during a 'rural visit':

  1. Have keen observation on the life in the village.
  2. Interact with the villagers.
  3. Take up a project[even small] which can be continued on a sustained basis by a fully commuted CSR team along with the support of the new recruits.
  4. Have an interactive session which can consist of the learning from the village life.
The rural visit would help in the following ways:

  1. They would become more sensitive towards the needs of the less fortunate.
  2. It will give them an opportunity to appreciate what all they have in their life including their job or profession. Hence, there will be an increase in the level of commitment and engagement in work.
  3. It will make the future CSR projects more genuine.
  4. It will inculcate a certain sense of goodness that could even match with the values of the company .

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