July 8, 2010

N T Arunkumar on life, universe & everything 2.0

N T Arunkumar who has deeply influenced me in various HR forums and whose tweets I regularly follow is now passionately blogging [Majority of what I retweet are from his tweets].

http://ntak.wordpress.com/ is his web journal where in a short span [July 3rd onwards] he has written a wide array of posts on topics that are immensely close to his heart like CSR,travel, spirituality & very soon you can expect much more like leadership, technology,HR etc.

I know Arun Sir as a successful leader and one of the few genuinely good human beings who is selflessly concerned about development of young people like me. The blog gives me an opportunity to know Arun Sir even better.

I have found a teacher in him. Follow the blog regularly and get a slice of precious life lessons from him.

Following are a few links of my earlier posts on Arun Sir:

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1 comment:

Arunkumar said...

Hey Saikat, that is so very kind of you! Thank you very much...and I do hope I do not disappoint you (and others) with my blogs!! Cheers..NTAK