February 27, 2010

Zeitgeist 2010

The Human Resource Study Circle[HRSC] in Madras School of Social Work organized an HR seminar called 'Zeitgeist 2010' on 23rd February.

The seminar was aimed at capturing the 'spirit of the times'... 'the better times' we are living in today...

Dr Fathima Vasanth, Principal, MSSW delivered a very inspiring speech on how we should embrace the opportunities of these times but not forget the lessons from the recession.

Mr N T Arunkumar, CEO & Director, Dun Bradstreet TransUnion ADC during his key note address spoke on the need to recognize the advent of social media and the impact it's creating today. It was interesting to have a deeper understanding about how social media is giving increasing power to the consumers.

He spoke about his childhood when he got inspired by his father[who worked in a factory] who once told him that ' it's what you do from 5 to 9 that matters more as a people's manager than what you do from 9 to 5'.

He cited examples of how the employees used to line up to meet his father for advice or solutions after office hours.

He also said that HR should no more be in the comfort zone of calling itself 'a mere facilitator'.

I also loved the leadership principles and core values followed in his company which are as follows:

  • Act with a sense of urgency.
  • Demonstrate a passion for winning
  • Raise the level of collaborative process
Core Values:

A- Applaud intelligence, knowledge and commitment
S-Simplicity in process, product, development and communication
C-Customer first, Firm next.
E-Excellence in everything we do, no tolerance for mediocrity
N- Nurture development of people and community
D-Delivering without excuse every time

However, what inspired me the most was when he said that it's more important to have the attitude of a winner than being a winner.

Mr Venkatesan Varadarajan, Vice President Center Head, MindTree Ltd spoke on how HR is getting aligned with business realities.

While speaking on the company's culture and employer brand, he said how it's a top priority for the HR team at mind tree to provide the employee with a balancing act on 6 important aspects like family, health, intellectual, social,career and wealth.

Mr Mohan Kumar, Executive Director-HR, Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd spoke on the business and HR opportunities in times of recession.

He said that the major opportunities for HR in a recession are:

  • Re-engineering HR systems and processes.
  • Review organization structure.
  • Sharper performance management.
  • Development of in-house training.
  • Employee engagement initiative.
  • Communication.
This session proved to be a great learning.

MS Rangesh, Vice President-HR, Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd spoke on the great importance of value creation and speed generation by HR in these times. He said that the main duty of HR professionals is to touch the soul of it's employees [I guess in these times of HR being in the quest of becoming a strategic partner to business, we might be at the risk of forgetting this fundamental duty]

Mr K K Davis, Vice President-HR, Oracle Financial Services Ltd spoke on employee engagement in post recession times. He spoke on how his company has been successfully keeping it's employees engaged on the basis of Gallup Model.

He said that enlisting the front end supervisors as the active partners in employee engagement in the post recession is the key. He also focused on the importance of recognizing the contributors to emotional needs and intellectual needs of employees.

An employee engagement matrix in the company is based on the variables of the extent to which emotional needs and intellectual needs are satisfied in the employees.

Mr Vijay Tadepalli, Vice President-HR, Mahindra Satyam during his valedictory address emphasized on the 4 pillars of new economy- Employees, Investors, Customers and Society. He encouraged the students to have enthusiasm, positivity, clarity of thought and high level of EQ in order to become better HR leaders.

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