October 21, 2010

Game for testing your 'employer brand'?

I have been invited for the SHRM India monthly meet to be held in Chennai tomorrow evening and the theme to be discussed is 'Employer Branding'. Would like to share a few innocent pre discussion thoughts on the topic.

Here are a few questions a business leader might ask himself to test his company's 'employer brand'(Answers should not be on a likert scale. A plain 'yes' or 'no' would suffice):

  • Do people join your company to 'build a career' instead of just having a mere job?
  • Do they market the success of their company as if it's their own?
  • Do your employees get riled up when the company's brand becomes a victim of unjustified critisicm?
  • Does your employees always look for the next 'big or small' oppurtunity to talk about their company with great enthusiasm?
  • Does your employees take a major onus in ensuring that the new recruits get fitted into the company's proud organizational fabric?
  • Can your employees find a world of oppurtunities, moments & friends within the company which they can cherish?
  • Is your company able to attract the talented yet passive job seekers in the market with minimum visibility?
An 'Yes' to each of the 7 (a spiritual number according to numerology) questions might make your 'employer brand' an incredible brand :-)


Meera said...

Very similar to Gallup's questions ;)

Wassup!? It's me again after a long hiatus!

Saikat Saha said...

@Meera: How are you??? Happy Diwali...I do not blog that often these days...busy with work but loving it...

John Papers said...

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