September 29, 2008

10 i of Leadership....

Mr B Santhanam, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Glass India Ltd was the Chief Guest for the 7th MMA All India Management Student's Convention.

During his inaugural address; he mentioned the 10 i's of leadership which are as follows:

1) Intelligence- Analytical Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence.

2) Information- Knowledge, Framwwork, Linkages.

3) Insight- Market, Customers, Industry, Trends.

4) Imagination- Scenerios, Fold in the future, Unconstrained by resources.

5) Intensity- Passion, Drive, Invovement.

6) Inspiration- Vision, Role Model, Get others to commit.

7) Influence- Persuasion, Consensus, Team Work, Collaboration.

8) Impact- Clarity, Communication, Personality, Connect with people.

9) Independence- Autonomy, Self Motivation, Edge

10) Integrity- Ethical, Conceptual, Principles.

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kvijayakumar said...

How many i you posess?

(k vijayakumar)