September 14, 2008

HR Symphony- A Grand Success

It gives me immense pleasure to let my readers know that 'HR Symphony' on 12th September [at Ambassador Pallava] created the perfect symphony in terms of key insights on the theme 'Strategic Management in a Turbulent Economy',intensively studied Research Presentation, thought provoking discussion on 'Retaining the Top Talent', HURECANE [Department Newsletter] release which was extensively appreciated and the very impressive Placement Brochure release to just name a few.

The dignitaries present were:
Mr Irai Anbu,
Secretrary, Tourism and Culture
Govt of Tamil Nadu

Dr Fatima Vasanth- Principal
Madras School of Social Work

Mr CD Jose
Hon Secretary, SSER

Prof Jayanthi Peter,
Head of the Dept

Mr G D Sharma,
Vice President,Human Resources
Larsen & Toubro [ECC Division]

Mr Rakesh Gupta
General Manager, Human Resources
Ashok Leyland

Mr GD Sharma[whom I also consider as one of my HR Guru] was the Key Note speaker and he created a great impact in the audience's mind through his quintessential passionate presentation on 'Strategic Management in a Turbulent Economy'.

According to him turbulence is good[in a positive context] as it helps us to recognize our true potential. He encouraged us to embrace these turbulent times and learn from it.

Mr Irai Anbu released our Placement Brochure and spoke on various HR issues. His special focus on non verbal communication was very well liked by the audience.

Mr Rakesh Gupta discussed various cases related to reasons for attrition among 'Top Talents'.It was a good platform where students [ including me] could ideate on various issues pertaining to attrition among Top Talents.

I am sure I could not do the justice in describing the events of 'HR Symphony' here as it's tough to post the vast learnings and observations
here through a single post.

But my future writings shall reflect the learning I recieved from 'HR Symphony'.

I wholeheartedly thank each and everyone associated with the success of 'HR Symphony'.

*By the way your's truly was the Vice President of the HR Symphony team. It felt nice to wear the Vice President batch during the event.

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kvijayakumar said...

It is a good write up. Your writing has brought us to symphony rsiding in our house.good keep it up.

(K Vijayakumar)