September 9, 2008

Best Practices V/S Micro Practices

The posters in XYZ company speaks volumes about their new HR best practices. It's branded in a spunky way which makes it genuinely attractive.

It has got extensive media coverage and most likely; XYZ company will grab the place of 'Best Employer' in the next nation wide 'Best Employer' survey. The Chief People Officer is recieving appreciation from all corners.

However; Mr X , an associate who has joined the company 15 days back is slightly amused with the 'Best Practices'. He is one of the many victims of poor canteen facility, poor transportation, delay in getting bills sanctioned etc.......

The glossy and attractive packaging of 'Best Practices' which ultimately boils down to a performance bonus, 360 degree appraisal, assesment centres etc does not really mean much to him. He doesnot have faith in the HR team to deliver the so called 'Best HR practices' as it is incapable of delivering the basic/micro practices.

It's important that the 'Best HR practices' are directed towards the employee causes and not nation wide surveys.

The employees must endorse and have firm faith in the 'Best HR practices'.

Finally; there should be proper delivery of core/micro practices even before thinking about the idea of implementing the 'Best HR practices'.

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