January 7, 2009

A Bitter Satyam [Truth!!!!]

Satyam Computer Services is in the news today for the wrong reasons .
Strong reactions from various people have been coming across several news channels. I was watching a discussion on NDTV 24*7 where even Shri Narayana Murthy expressed his dismay.

In the discussion Shri Narayana Murthy rightfully stated that " When magazines and newspapers can carry out surveys listing the 'most powerful people' in the country then it should also conduct surveys on 'the most respected people' in the country and every corporate person should desire to get featured in that list."

At this situation anyone would agree to that statement made by Shri Narayana Murthy but the fundamental problem has been that we recognize and respect such statements during these incidents. There has to be a shift of priority and 'Integrity' needs to top the priority list.

I believe this incident will certainly help to shift the gears for companies which might be having a distorted priority list as of now.

It's time for a priority check for clients too who invest or do business with companies based on Dollar/Rupee impact rather than reliability or goodwill.

It's a time we re look at branding. Brand names can be deceptive. Satyam stands for truth but this incident seems to be the height of irony. Next time you come out with an impressive name for your latest HR practice; reserve the pat on your shoulders till the HR practice actualises into concrete results.

This incident also brings my attention to the Human Factor [November 2008] issue covering the need of Chief Governance Officers to get things back into shape. It is an unpleasant surprise that Satyam Computer Services received 'the best governance award' last year. I just have one word for that and it is 'Strange!!!!!!!!' or may be a lot more like 'awful', 'disgusting' and still much much more................... What are the auditors and surveyors doing???????????????

Finally, what saddens me the most is the dilemma faced by many students who are having the offer letters of Satyam in their hands. My message to them is that they should find themselves lucky enough that they have not already joined the company. If Satyam had found them competent enough to hire then other companies [companies with better value system] would also do the same.

I have friends and relatives working in Satyam for years and I get remorse stricken thinking about them. They have to carry this baggage of bitter truth[Satyam Incident] along with them for quite sometime and/or longer for maybe no mistake of their own.

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