January 20, 2009

Managing 'love' at work place....

Firstly, I have a major problem with above mentioned heading as I believe love should be the last thing to be manged by HR people.But then that is what I feel. Not many felt that the recession would take place or Obama would become the president but it still happened.

So in these unpredictable times or the times to come in future even 'managing love at workplace' might become HR's new found challenge.

Yesterday, I was having a light hearted conversation with a friend. I can't recognize as to when or how the entire conversation started but it ended with the thing that is called 'love'.

She told me about a break up with her guy which happened two years back. The memories of the relationship still lingers very strongly with her. The relationship could not last because of 'practical reasons'.

As a human resource student/associate we always love helping people whenever they are bogged down. So I tried helping her with some kind words but failed miserably.

I know many people who have failed in their relationships but they still get into new relationship or even get into multiple relationships.

A few questions arise in this regard and they are as follows:

1. Do we fall in love with the person whom we like or we just fall in love with the entire idea of falling in 'love' in itself?????

2. Is love the medium for getting to know the special person or the special person is a medium for getting to know 'love'?????

I guess both the questions mean the same but does it have different answers?????????

I guess, answers to these questions can help us to become deeper and better humans. So if you want to become a deeper and better human resource associate then becoming a better and deeper human being will always help especially if incase HR's new challenges include managing office romance.

Trust me ;-)

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Snigdha said...

Dear Saikat … You are trying to find answer for the word Love! Something which is very loosely used and rarely understood today. It surely is not easy to understand the depth of this word, you would probably get an enlightenment as you grow in your experiences. For now know that It definitely is not about falling In love with the idea of being in love. That’s where the worst of mistakes are made. You love a soul and not an idea! You love a person you start liking for various reasons. Good Luck :)