January 11, 2009

Married But Available!!!!!!!!!!!

Married But Available is not the typical sequel [Because Rascal Rusty said so!!!!!,read acknowledgements to know further...] of the prolific wordsmith of new age, Abhijit Bhaduri’ s first book ‘Mediocre But Arrogant’.

Married But Available unfolds the first 10 years of the Abbey’s work life after graduating from an esteemed institution.

The book shifts it’s gear from time to time in a delightful pace that unplugs Abbey’s proffesional and personal persuit of gaining greater meaning and purpose through enjoying the simplicities around him like eating the delicious yet familier [if u r a Delhite] jalebis, playing word games[among many other games ;-)] with Ayesha, buying a second hand car[which leads to his biggest personal complexity], learning the fish and pond matrix from his proffesional mentor ‘Captain Sobti’, listening to early morning ‘Raag Bharavi’, admiration of the Taj Mahal by moonlight alongwith Keya, witty remarks by Rascal Rusty and a soul stirring letter from Father Hathaway [I have read that letter multiple times since I read the book]among many many others…..

Another interesting dimension to the book is Abbey’s persuit of dealing with his complexities of life ranging from separation with his wife Ayesha after marriage, atrocious factory politics, finding alternative solutions for saving hundreds of jobs as an HR associate, struggle for being at sync [proffesionally and personally] with batchmates and a college reunion of different kind among many many others.

It’s the innocent juxtapose of these simplicities and complexities which makes the book a reading delight.

Being an HR student, I found great amount of HR wisdom which is rare to be found in text books.

Consider this for example ‘ The way you treat people who don’t matter shows your real character.Never ignore those who cannot do anything for you. Remember, sometimes prayers work better than strategies in the corporate world’
A life lesson like ‘ Stop asking about the meaning of life and instead, think of yourself as the one questioned by life.’

I don’t remember the last time I read a book which is so wholesome in terms of it’s tersed tone, candor, wit, humour, knowledge,maturity[at times innocent immaturity too] and emotions…..

I strongly recommend the book to all of you….Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ayeshwarya said...

An arresting review! I have read 'Mediocre But Arrogant'.Will try reading this one too!!