February 24, 2010

Join the HR Confluence movement now!!!!!

Hi all,

A few of us early practitioners and students of human resources began connecting online a few months ago to discuss the future of the HR practice in India and where we as the early practitioners can contribute to that future.

Many candid discussions, blog posts and tweets later, this community has now become ‘HR Confluence’ – a group of like minded, progressive HR practitioners with one strong mission – to make a difference to the HR Community in India with revolutionary, original thought! Through an aggressive social networking initiative which we have already sparked off, we hope to challenge the existing myths and misconceptions about HR that exist today.

We see ourselves now on our way to becoming HR 3.0 – A generation of HR professionals with its pulse on the future!

Our initiative includes:

The HR confluence blog:

The HR confluence Facebook community:

The HR confluence Twitter group:

We invite you to come be a part of HR Confluence and help us in our journey to HR 3.0! Please be a part of our groups, visit all of our pages listed above and leave us your comments and email. Your opinions will add value to our cause and generate more avenues for all of us to be a part of!

We look forward to having you on board!

Jai Ho HR Confluence!!!!



Hi Saikat,

My best wishes for the initiative.
I would positively like to be part this confluence to learn and contribute in my own little way.

All the best.


Saikat Saha said...

Thanks Srini Sir!!!

How r u???

Please join our facebook community and participate in the discussions.