February 23, 2010

Why do they hate HR????

[Warning:This one is a long post]

I came across a community in facebook called 'I hate HR because ' recently. Within a few weeks since it's inception, today it's 140 members strong. The discussions are often very heated up but I feel it's a must for the HR community to recognize the anguish of the members.

Let me point out a few reactions of it's members:

  • They sit there all day, looking pretty and throw their weight around. I mean what do they think they are up to? When there's a party to be planned, event to be organised, posters to be hung... they're there. But where are they when u are facing an issue with ur boss....or when u need clarification abt the appraisal/increment.......
    or when u feel u r stuck in ur bloody dead-end application-support job????? At that time, they vanish faster than students in Phatak's class!!!!
  • First of I am not from HR Team at all but I do have a very strong interaction with the HR team while staffing. It depends mostly on the companies what HR processes they have implemented and how much their people are adhering to it . In some companies I have see HR assigned to particular departments , having bi-weekly call with the teams and understanding their concerns/grievances.

    The major problem with the HR teams where we find them little lacking is they always are looking at figures to achieve irrespective of how that figure needs to be achieved. Most of the time my experiences have been very bad with the HR in terms of resource mapping. They always match the right people to wrong requirements. And most of the time we Delivery team end up correcting those.

    Apart from these in some of companies I have seen HR being so rude with the employees that they do not understand a very important that Delivery teams are bread and butter for them. I guess the basic characteristic of an HR person should be that they should never loose their temper and gravity.

    More later !!!!! need to go home now :)
  • Firstly, the winter project of HR will show how vella and jobless they are.. Is keeping discussions in FB a winter project.. OMG.. i cant blive it..

    Secondly, there is nothing apart from pfaff in HR. not without reason, IIMs decided to go without HR.. HR can only give a rosy picture of a lily.

    Thirdly, HR people change words like changing clothes.. todays' hr words will not b thr tomorrow. they take credit of something goes right but when something goes wrong, they blame others.

    Lastly, HR people are very very overpaid when compared to other specs. they r wasted assets in any organization..

    Can anyone say NO? even here, the first 3 posts here are anti HR.. this discussion is usleess acc to me.. there will b 90 posts against HR while 10 for them..
  • Alright!!! Abuse time!!

    Seriously though, apart from all the rants here against HR, which I fully endorse, my biggest grouse is that how can anybody in HR claim to "evaluate people's performances" without having any experience or any clue what most people are doing? In other words, how the hell can freshers be part of HR in any company?

    From what I've seen most senior people of HR in companies have shifted from other functions to HR after MANY years of service. This makes sense.

    And i hate the HR language in many companies. Hyping up mundane stuff and the like. Put a lid on the excessive, unnecessary, beautifying, ornamental language and talk like normal people. Then we might listen to or read what's being said or written.
    Alright, you got me there. We still won't listen to or read what you say or write. It's still gonna be pure pfaff.
  • I faced certain problems and misunderstandings with HR:
    1)They never processed my leaves, payments etc on time. I mean the whole world wants us to complete targets, work in progress etc, but it wouldnt hurt them to do their work which is to aid the fellow employees
    2)They always left at 5:30 pm, and this is not because we "the other workers" didnt do our work efficiently
    3)They mostly get saturdays n sundays off!

    M i wrong? pls correct me of so.
  • I dont understand what they really do.. OK they sit and make the compensation, do benchmarking.. But are so many ppl required for that?? is it necessary for ppl to do an MBA to makes us play floor games??

So the above is a pulse of only a few members. I wonder what would be the intensity if everyone in the community starts participating in the discussion.

I fully recognize what the members have said but I do not endorse them completely.

Here are a few of my views on the above mentioned issues:

  • One big reason why we are hated is because we deliver a lot of bad news. When it comes to providing a promotion letter, its your boss who wants to do the honours but when it comes to handing over the termination letter, the job is expected to be done by the HR team. This is just a simple example. There are more complex bad news which are delivered by the HR.
  • Yes!!! We are the ones who organize the parties for u all and you still hate us :-(. On a more sincere note, we are beyond organizing parties and fun activities. Try and recognize the intent behind organizing the activities. It's to make you guys feel special and happy. It's just that we gain a lot of visibility while we are putting the right ballons in the right place or getting the right cake for you guys. We do not get noticed when we are engaged in your performance appraisal or when we are recruiting the right guys for your team or organizing the training for you.
  • If we are vanishing from your sight when we are actually supposed to answer your queries then we are doing a terrible job. The job as such is not wrong. It's not being done properly. You need HR to answer those queries so let's not blame the function. Blame us because in this context we are doing the right job in the wrong manner. You can do a lot to change this. Communicate to your business leader that the HR guys are not doing the right job. In many cases the HR to employees ratio is absurd and unreasonable. If you feel so then communicate it to the right guys.
  • I am not a spokesperson for IIMs but if the information about HR not being included in the specialization is true then it's genuinely sad. I must not comment on this issue but feel tempted to say that it might be [I repeat I said 'it might' be] because students are looking for specializations which offer better pay packages. It's no secret that Banking and niche marketing jobs pay you well...Really well ;-) . But I am sure that HR as a subject must be given it's due importance in IIM. Also let's not consider IIMs only. XLRI is one of the best B school in asia and has produced a fabulous list of HR legends :-)
  • There is another concern from a particular point above which I would like to address regarding 'how can anybody in HR claim to "evaluate people's performances" without having any experience or any clue what most people are doing?'. It's you [self evaluation] and your boss [superior] who is involved in the performance evaluation [in most cases] and HR helps to set the system and process in place [Sounds easy but it's not] and facilitates the performance evaluation process [Again sounds easy but it's not that easy ;-)]. If incase the HR guy is the only person who is evaluating your performance then please quit the company [there is something seriously wrong in your company].
  • As far as HR jargons and ornamental language is concerned, I feel that jargons are there even in finance or marketing or operations. Don't hate us for the language we use [unless anyone uses unparliamentary language or abusive language]. At the risk of being repetitive, I am again saying that hate us if we do not do our job properly but do not hate us for our job.It's important to us and even more important for you.
  • Another accusation about HR being 'HR people are like frogs in the well of HR world' might be true in few companies. In any company which is of great repute and legacy, the HR function is a complete strategic partner who is creating genuine value for business. It's just that we have the risk of only getting noticed while we are throwing a success bash party for you.
  • My request to the members of the facebook community is that their thoughts about HR are extremely passionate. Passionate because of various reasons. May be they have been victim of bad HR decisions or unpleasant experience with HR guys. There are many more possibilities. But let's recognize that the possibilities for solutions are also unlimited. We would have not existed without you guys. So make some more effort in telling us how we should improve. Let's collaborate atleast here :-)


arvind srikantan said...

To be Honest Saikat. I think its time we also as HR stood up and accepted certain things. Hr are humans and we make mistakes but its magnitude is pretty high. If a marketing guy fails its not a major issue while if HR fails it is.

And sometimes we have to understand that the Current HR fraternity may not have the expertise to do it. The head of a large Manufacturing Concern said that not even a single person of his delivery team in the HR i.e. the executives and associates is qualified in HR. they all joined the organization 20 years back in clerical jobs and we moved them to HR as HR involved the job of typing letters and orders and maintaining books. Which is not today;'s need so there is a gap and they fail in the performance

Saikat Saha said...

Thank Arvind!!!! wat u say is so true!!!