August 25, 2008

Mid 20 crisis!!!!!!!!!

Well!!! you have heard and read enough about the mid 40 crisis.....

Let's contemplate on the mid 20 crisis now!!!!

'Mr X is 27 years old and has been working in an IT company for the past 5 years. The promotions are happening in a consistent pace and the bank balance is reasonably fat [the body is also fat!!!].Future seems promising with a seemingly optimistic chance of getting a leadership role.But work pressure is too much and there seems to be more tempting oppurtunities in other companies too.

However; His best friend from a reputed B-School strongly feels that he should quit his company and prepare for his GMAT/CAT/XAT.Mr X does not have the time to prepare for the aptitude test.

His parents[unaware that he is committed] are keenly searching for a potential bride for him.

His girl friend who is also working in the same company has no plans of marriage for the next three years...

And he is definitely in a deep crisis for the above reasons.'

Mr X is certainly familiar to us. There are many such youngsters who seem to be in the midst of this 'mid 20 crisis'. They are young,spunky, promising yet confused and stressed.

Let me write my thoughts on why it happens:

  • Oppurtunities are many and they want to leverage the best.

  • They also desire a proper work- life balance but are not clear about
    how to achieve it.

  • They are intelligent and want to use their acumen in further education.

  • At this age they are energetic & focused and want to do professionally well but they also have to get ready for marriage where priorities are to be re-defined .

  • Different approach from parents towards life at this age; which might not be well endorsed by the youngsters.

  • Women want to delay marriage and become financially independent.

    Now what can be the HR's role in this issue. Let's discuss:
  • Recognise and accept the situation.

  • Recruit candidates who have greater clarity about their professional life.

  • Encourage employees to go for higher studies by sponsoring their
    education and providing them better job profile post completion of
    higher education.

  • Help employees to achieve better work-life balance.

  • Have counsellors who can assist the employees with their personal life.

    Guess!! 20-20 cricket is not the only 20 something issue that should concern us........

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kvijayakumar said...

My view is :This crisis cannot be avoided. However any one of the option may be seletcted and follwed vigourously.HR role is to retain/obtain maximum from Mr x to Company.

k vijayakumar