August 3, 2008

Customer-Centricity of HR Domain

The word ‘customer’ is synonymous with ‘marketing’ context. However; the word has gained a greater relevance for the HR domain from the perspective of an internal entity.

The new age HR practices are conceptualized and delivered towards the ‘internal customer’.

This approach of recognizing the employees as an internal customer aligns the thought process and action of the HR team with a ‘service’ oriented fervor.

The customer centricity approach towards HR serves as a value lever for all the major stakeholders in the company in the following ways:

· Internal Customer: Customer has evolved itself from various avatars ranging from a mere ‘buyer’ to ‘boss’ to ‘king’ to the more recent ‘God’ status.
If the employee receives ‘God’ like treatment from the HR team then no employee would be complaining a bit.

· Management/Leadership team: The management would be able to pursue its role with greater professionalism and sensitivity towards employee’s causes.

· External Customer: The ‘internal customer delight’ would certainly reflect on the services rendered by them towards the external customers in the most delightful way.

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