August 9, 2008

Second Thought........

I have written a post concerning the growing demand of woman employees in HR domain earlier too. However; I made another attempt to write on the same subject a few weeks back. So thought of sharing it with my dear readers. Here it goes......

‘Human Resource domain is predominantly a cult domain for women’ says Mr X.

It seems the above line is familiar to any struggling ‘male HR professional’ who is trying hard to get a break in the corporate world.
Consider a typical business school’s campus recruitment scenario where the male students get fretted in seeing their female counterparts grabbing impressive placements in HR domain.

A few questions get triggered if we take the above scenario into account.
1. Is the HR domain dominated by women???
2. Are women being preferred into HR domain because they infuse any exclusive skill set????
The answer to the first question is a straight ‘yes’ which is reflected in the online job portals or any search engine.

Try a search with the key words like ‘HR+woman’ in google and you will be startled [may be not] to find out that various articles relating to the topic. Any job portal will have an exclusive set of HR jobs where only females can apply.

Now, let me attempt to answer the second question where I do feel woman bring an exclusive skill set which is tailor made towards the requirement of HR domain [read ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ to affirm your belief]. Woman are traditionally [or may be genetically] more gifted with qualities like communication skills, better abstract or creative thinking, empathy etc. Similarly men are a preferred choice in marketing jobs because of their assertiveness and risk taking ability.

It’s tough to imagine a women marketing a cement product. But on a lighter note; for every ‘Tipu Sultan’ we have had a ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’.
The same thought process applies in the concerned topic. Men have an equal chance of grooming or equipping themselves with the much needed skill sets.

Pragmatically; it’s just that one gender is gifted with a particular skill set suiting a particular gender but they have an equal scope to groom themselves on the required skill set.

Yet; men will be from mars and women from venus.

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kvijayakumar said...

It is anew news to me that gender place a role in HR.good piece of writing

k vijayakumar