August 8, 2008

Virtual Team!!!!!!!

Whenever the word 'Virtual team' is used; one can identify it with a typical IT/BPO scenario [ fostering team work with on shore team] but it's presence is there in almost every industry.

Think about the last time you[middle level or lower level associate] met your CEO on an one to one basis or the last time you[CEO/anyone from the leadership team] met an associate from your company's bottom of the pyramid.

Chances are that you are most likely struggling to remember it.
Don worry!!! No one is really going to blame you for that.... Considering that all of us are an accomplice[may be it's not the right choice of word] to it...

But we certainly have to find ways to keep ourselves connected with each other... In second thoughts; not only connected but well integrated....

One easy way is to do it virtually through the routine e-mails, tel-con, video conferences etc or new age stuffs like blog,social network sites,web communities etc.

However; the following points can be kept in the mind to strenghten your approach towards integrating virtual teams:
  • Make the entire process engaging and highly participative.
  • Use a user friendly medium.
  • Define ownership. It can be under the domain of Corporate Communication .
  • Recieve constant feedbacks regarding the approach.
  • Encourage candor and informal tone as much as possible.
  • Encourage process improvements in the context of improving virtual relationships.
  • Induce fun through simple means like wishing each other on regular basis[Happy Monday,Happy Tuesday and so on...] or sharing informal photo albums.
  • Have a genuine effort to meet in person atleast occasionally.

So stay connected...

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