July 17, 2009

Conditions Apply...

I am back after watching a very engaging play called 'Conditions Apply' starring Mandira Bedi & Darshan Jariwala [directed by Vikranth Pawar].

It was a pleasure watching both Mandira and Darshan act. The play revolved around the life of the two charachters played by them. Both led their conflicted life in such ways that it left them confused,amused and worried. They had their own wierd ways of infusing sanity in their lives but their efforts made them all the more insane.

I am not going to review the play in this post but share a little thought on what I learnt from the play.

Sometimes we focus too much on what we want in our life ie love,money,success,fame etc. But we do not realise that everything in life comes with a 'conditions apply' tag. We get so carried away with our wants that we overlook the 'conditions apply' tag.

Simmilar to the advertisements in newspapers which talk about ultra attractive offers but often with a small 'conditions apply' tag in the end.

That 'conditions apply' tag suddenly seems unreasonable.

So, it becomes important that we give due focus to the 'unreasonable conditions apply' tag which we often miss out.

For any unreasonable want in life, there is an unreasonable 'conditions apply' tag.

All the best with your dreams in life *

*Conditions Apply: You gotta stop dreamin and start sloging ;-)

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Ayeshwarya said...

Reminds one of the saying-Take what you want and pay for it !

There is a price for everything in life-dreams, decisions and actions.