July 9, 2009

The Indispensable Element in your organisation....

I clearly remember those days as a kid when elders around me used to discuss that without Sachin Tendulkar, the future of Indian cricket would be uncertain. Sachin was considered the indispensable part of the team.

It was a worry then but now Indian cricket has found many heroes like Dhoni & Yuvraj who are doing incredibly well. Thanks to Saurav Ganguly for focussing on infusing young talents in the team when he was the captain.

In many organizations and teams we find these incredible performers who eventually gain a larger than life image.

Nothing wrong in it!!! It does a great deal of good to the company as long as they are there. It can further serve a greater purpose if they take up mentorship role and prepare a successor who is equally or more promising.

The problem occurs when they truly become 'indispensable' and this further worsens when the company celebrates this fact.

Following are a few humble suggestions on how to not let your company suffer from the 'indispensable syndrome':

1. Make sure the performance is much more celebrated than the performer.
2. Foster a culture of sincere learning & development.
3. Include 'quality of mentorship' as one of the criteria for performance appraisal.
4. Infuse a philosophy of continuing great legacy and not leaving great legacy in a company.
5. Celebrate the good old 'team work' in all facets of work.

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