July 19, 2009

Corporate Governance!!!!

I was having a brain storming session with my friend on what should be the theme for 'HR Symphony' [The bi-annual HR convention organised by MA-HRM,MSSW]this year. I suggested 'Corporate Governance-A retrospection' as the theme.

I felt that a need to discuss such an issue is extremely relevent now considering the business environment and the recent developments which have taken place.

If we can go to the extent of having Chief Fun Officers then why not Chief Governing Officers???

How should we define the job profile of a Chief Governing Officer????

Do corporate governance awards really matter????

Who should exactly form the Corporate Governance team of the company????

Should the Government also have it's representatives in the Corporate Governance Commitee????

What is the role of HR in Corporate Governance????

Please mail me your thoughts on the theme. Suggestions for other themes are also most welcome.

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