July 26, 2009

Jai Ho Indian Army!!!!!


It's been 10 years since the Victory of the Indian Army during the Kargil War. Many gallant officers and jawans sacrificed their lives for Mother India. Many parents,wives,children also made huge sacrifice in the process. We knew all about it then and we still know it. It's the 10th anniversary of Kargil Victory today and we remind ourselves of those huge sacrifices by the brave Indian Army again.

However, merely knowing all about the sacrifice and occasionally reminding ourselves of it will not be enough to pay our true tribute to them.

We need to realise how it feels to go through years of tough training to join the armed forces. We need to realise how it feels to stay away from family and consider the entire troop to be one's family. We need to realise how it feels to guard the nation in snow peaked mountain against enemies so that miles away from the border a kid can feel the warmth of sleeping in his mother's lap. We need to realise what it feels like to make death look so easy so that we civilians can lead an easier life. We need to realise that when these brave men put themselves in insecure circumstances, we can lead a secure life. We need to realise the pain of bullets entering our body or bombs shattering our body parts.

If we can realise this much then there is still much beyond...not to be realised alone...but to be done...

Whatever proffesion we persue, let's persue it with greater integrity and greater sincerity in the persuit of making a Stronger India. As a HR proffesional in the making I feel that is the best way we can pay our true tribute to those brave army officers and jawans.

Thanks Mother India for blessing us with such brave Army Officers and Jawans.

Jai Hind!!!!!

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