August 30, 2009

Few talent related issues we should know......

According to a recent article in Times Ascent, Dave Ulrich has pointed out key talent related issues that all HR managers must know in his new book 'HR transformation'. The newspaper article mentions the following:

  • Talent matters (make the case)
  • Talent is not enough (build teamwork)
  • Talent aligns with strategy (build competencies)
  • Talent requires assessment (assess quality of talent)
  • Talent comes through investment (develop future talent)
  • Talent should adapt to individual differences (value diversity with unity )
  • Talent matches people with positions (do position/people matrix)
  • Talent elevates with contribution (build an abundant organisation)
  • Talent has adapted to technology (invest in connecting technology)
  • Talent integrates with business processes (build a holistic organisation)
  • Talent has to be measured (track individual/organisation results)
  • Talent is a partnership of HR and line.
It's good to read the above as some of the most pertinent talent issues have been featured.
But I really hope that these issues are discussed in a pragmatic way and with promising roadmaps. I am yet to read the book and I am keenly waiting to do so.

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