August 10, 2009

Respecting motherhood...

I have heard about many women who have left their jobs in the midst of a sky rocketing career in order to give birth to their babies and take care of them. Years later, some of them miss their career with which they were associated for many years.The job market also does not embrace them for the right kind of jobs at that moment.

Lack of oppurtunities often create a sad feeling in them which might even graduate to the feeling of regret. This creates turmoil at home and the husband/earning member also struggles for work-life balance.

Now who is at fault in the above scenario. Is it the mother??? Is it the company??? Is it the husband??? Is it the child???

I believe none of them.

However, a sincere thought process and understanding can help to chart out an initiative in order to address the above issue.

I was delighted to read this article today morning which is about an unique initiative of Tata Group called 'Tata Second Career Internship Programme for Women (Tata SCIP)'.

According to Times of India ' The unique Tata initiative seeks to accommodate aspiring women professionals looking for a second stint after taking a break to attend to domestic demands. What is special about this programme is that it is not restricted to old (though helpful) policies like flexible working hours and office creches which Xerox pioneered. This project is targeted at reclaiming talent and helping women make a comeback. Women are hired into the same job profile — an IT professional is given an IT portfolio and not pushed into a marginal role'.

In the same article, Tata Group VP (HR) Rajesh Dahiya says, 'Tata SCIP is not just about women’s empowerment, it also seeks to bust the myth that after a career break women become less productive. Young working women themselves labour under this delusion.'

The TATA Group has been pioneers in many HR initiatives in India and continues to do so. I feel proud that I worked with TCS in the past.

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