August 8, 2009

In Conversation with Kris Dunn

I recently had an E-Mail interview with Kris Dunn, who is the person behind the website He regularly blogs on various HR issues and I am extremely fond of his prolific writing.

Following is the transcript of the interview [The interview will be published in the MA-HRM,MSSW newsletter, 'Hurricane' soon. The editorial team consists of Prashant aka Prash, Vivek,Nivedita and yours truly :-). 'Hurricane' promises many more exciting interviews,articles,case study,humour and much more....] :

Saikat: Your blog is called ‘HR Capitalist’. What does the term ‘HR Capitalist’ mean?

Kris: HR pros should be focused on the business they support, and focused on helping that business make money.

Saikat: What are your views on HR blogging and how it can be utilized in the best manner by individuals and corporates?

Kris: I’m a big believer of HR people using blogging as a professional development tool. Writing helps you stay sharp and defend your thoughts before you hear objections.

Saikat: Which are the Indian companies you admire the most and why?

Kris: The major consultancies that Americans know of – Tata, Wipro, etc. Because they have tech elements and I’m aware of them…

Saikat : What is your advice for students looking forward to pursue career in HR?

Kris : Focus on the business side with a minor in HR. Think broader than HR and then come back to it. Get a gig at first doing pure recruiting and then use those skills to become a corporate recruiter, then get involved in the other areas of HR. Or go to work directly with a consulting firm specializing in HR if you can get hired by one…

Saikat: What has been your greatest HR lesson in professional life?

Kris: The best Talent wins.

Saikat: Please share a few tips with students on getting started with HR blogging?

Kris: Write every day for a year. You’ll be incredibly better one month in, and will have found the unique voice that resides in you. Read others for examples of voice, then find your own…

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