January 6, 2010

Networking Intelligence!!!!

We have witnessed various forms of intelligence gaining wide acceptability. Who can ever forget the immense focus on emotional intelligence followed by spiritual intelligence in the past decade. This led to some genuine consideration of such types of intelligence being used for gauging personalities and even being used while hiring and appraisals.

However, in many instances it was merely romanticized and was not leveraged upto it's fullest capacity.

Anyways the classification did help by making us more open minded in our pursuits. Hence inviting better possibilities.

Considering the fact that networking has now evolved further because of linkedin, facebook, twitter etc; there is a need to recognize 'Networking Intelligence' in an exclusive manner.

In my own words I would define 'Networking Intelligence' as the form of intelligence that would aid the individual to get connected with people and get benefited in a symbiotic manner'.

This is not only keeping the sky rocketing popularity of social network sites or blogs in mind but even the old world networking that is as relevant today as ever.

How we network in present and in future will decide a lot about our possibilities and hence opportunities and even success. Let's keep in mind that success stems from opportunities and opportunities are created often by people.

Our networking intelligence will determine whether we will be at the right time meeting the right people to collaborate towards mutual success. One of those major networking grounds would be the web space.

More about 'Networking Intelligence' later.

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