January 3, 2010

Performance Up-Raise-All :-)

It's performance appraisal time for one of my friend, who is not only getting appraised by his superiors but is also in the process of appraising his juniors [First performance appraisal after getting promoted from entry level]

It's that point of the professional life which helps the person to become more objective about the Performance Appraisal process.

He either does his sincere bit to do justice to the process by exercising his work ethics & performance orientation or he might just get swayed along by the bureaucracy and politics already plagued in the process.

It's that point of time when a senior associate like my friend wants to raise his voice against an obnoxious bell curve system in the company which neither makes sense to a wise old man or a kindergarten kid but makes sense to quite a few. The purpose of a performance appraisal is to recognize the employee's present level of performance & help them to raise their performance level and not raise their level of frustration.

Of course!!! any performance appraisal would create demarcation. It is right to do so as it even happens in a kindergarten school too.

But it lacks logic when someone assumes the demarcation even before the performance appraisal takes place or actually even before the performance itself takes place.

Who would be the least performing 10% players from the T-20 World Cup Winning Indian Team in 2007???? Who would be the 10% least performing Army Jawans who won the Kargil War for us????

Whenever any team wins a great cause, it's the entire team performing. Each one playing their significant part with aplomb.

If your company creates demarcation before the performance itself then either there is something wrong with the company's purpose or it's people. The demarcation will not help.

It's that point of time when you either genuinely align your company's purpose with the associate's performance or hope that someday the company will rise from it's ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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