January 11, 2010

Should business speak HR's language or HR should speak business's language????

Language unites and it divides too. Some languages are known for it's commercial value...some for it's melody...some for it's lucidness...yet some for it's snobbishness....

Yet multiple languages are embraced by individuals for their respective purposes. Sometimes we get accustomed to a language in a subconscious manner because of the strong ethos around us.

Similarly, in business too, there are often varied languages existing which we are supposed to understand, analyze and synthesize.

I hope my readers must have figured out by now that I am not talking about the different national or regional languages spoken in a workplace. But this refers to the different domain languages through which all of us communicate [at times struggle to communicate].

Namely the HR language, finance language, marketing language, operations language and the list goes on......

But this post is about HR language versus the business language.

So the first effort should be to recognize the business language.

Does business language refer to HR language or sales language or operations language or some other language???????

I am sure all of you feel that the question itself is flawed. It is flawed because it divides the business unnecessarily.

The language of business is a confluence of all the languages in business that is communicated to create business value. It's a symphony.

We have to understand this fundamental aspect of business. So whether it's HR or marketing or operations, it must speak it's own voice with the purpose of collaborating. This collaboration will culminate into the language of business.

So need I say more as to who has to speak who's language??????


Aparna said...

Exactly how the young in this country see things!
Simple with no frills!
Keep things basic and they will always be beautiful!

Well written!

Saikat Saha said...

Thank you so much. It's very encouraging :-)