January 27, 2010

Sensational Samson- An auto driver & marketing genius

Aamir Khan is respected for his acting skills as well as marketing skills. The way he marketed his movies like 3 idiots and Ghajni is a topic of intense brain storming in top business schools.

Yet many might complain that bollywood examples are becoming too common.

Stop complaining!!!!

If you are bored of hearing about Aamir's marketing skills then you need to meet Samson. Mr Sensational Samson is an auto driver according to his website.

Being in Chennai my encounter with auto drivers have not been delightful but this virtual encounter with Mr Samson and his friends is extremely delightful.

In times when even companies feel apprehensive to launch a website, Mr Samson has embraced webspace for great business advantage.

Following are the few lessons which we can learn from Mr Sensational Samson

  • No matter what is your job, marketing it with passion is worth it.
  • Market intelligently: Samson is intelligent enough to introduce Chennai and it's attractions in the website which is bound to create greater interest in his customers as his passion for the city reflects here.
  • Know your customers well: Samson knows his target customers [foreigners] and their preferences really well . His great knowledge about the city helps him further.
  • Monetize your idea: He has a special provision for advertisements too. He has collaborated with a webmaster for the purpose.
  • Acknowledge your friends: Samson is sweet and sensitive enough to have a special page to introduce his friends.
  • Patience and perseverance: He has been driving auto since 1992. So along with passion, one also needs patience and perseverance.
  • The most special lesson one can learn from him is that everyone has the right and the capacity to make his job extra special.
Hats off to Mr Sensational Samson.

Bye guys!!! I gotta catch the auto. Wish me a great auto ride :-)

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