July 29, 2008

The fascinating relation between HRM & HRD...

Today; my dad's friend came for dinner. He works as a branch head of a leading Insurance Company. I curiously asked him 'How active is the HR dept of your company?'

He did not hold a pleasent opinion about the HR dept.

According to him; the ineffective Human Resource Mgmt[HRM] of the HR team is leading to Human Resource Destruction[HRD].

I felt slightly concerned and slightly amused hearing the statement.

Hope the company's effective Human Resource Mgmt [HRM] leads to Human Resource Development [HRD].


The Soul: said...

funny yet food for thought!

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Swati said...

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Paul said...

Really interesting thought... Sadly you still get to see that in organizations these days....

medha said...

just a curious question, why do humans motivate humans and why r they cause of their destruction???? so why xactly HRM and HRD?