December 9, 2009

LEADERSHIP NEXT: SHRM India’s Knowledge Summit.

It's a great pleasure to inform all that I have been invited to LEADERSHIP NEXT: SHRM India’s Knowledge Summit as a Student Presenter on 11.12.2009 at Mumbai.

I would be presenting my perspective as a student on an interesting research about People Practices in Indian Railways- the world’s largest rail network and employer .

I believe it's a perfect platform to integrate one of my passion and one of my fascination.
The passion being HR and the fascination being 'Indian Railways'. My fascination about Indian Railways is deeply rooted to my early childhood days when my most sought after birthday gift used to be those battery driven mini toy trains. The fascination still remains the same but the reasons are a little different.

Today, I get fascinated about Indian Railways for the sheer fact that it manages 1.7 million employees and 1 million pensioners. It's HR practices has it's impact on such a huge number of people and their families. It has also not witnessed a single major Industrial Dispute for the past 35 years. The 'fringe benefits' & 'welfare benefits' provided to Indian Railways employees are the best. There are many more such facts that fascinates me as a budding HR.

The presentation is going to be about my innocent yet sincere perspective on the new age HR practices in the India Railways.

It is even more special as I would be blessed to share the session with Mr Vijay Pereira & Mr Dhananjay Bansod.

Mr Vijay Pereira is an expert of Indian Railways HR (and business) matters, an educator and Consultant. He has worked in Indian Railways for 7 years and hence has deep understanding of the system itself, rather than being an outside observer. He is based out of London (where he teaches at Portsmouth University. He is an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad. He is the researcher of the study.

Mr Dhananjay Bansod is the Chief People Officer for Deloitte India Ops and is above all an amazing HR professional. He’s had a range of experiences – Line, Consulting and HR and takes great joy in interacting with HR community.

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