December 6, 2009

A simple yet fascinating categorization of employees

During a weekend dinner with a family friend yesterday, we had some very insightful conversation. The uncle is not an HR professional but has vast experience as an engineer and has strong opinion on varied subjects.

He was reminiscing about how much interest his leadership team took in him during his initial days in the plant. His face was suffused with joy as he continued speaking about the amount of autonomy they used to enjoy at the plant level. According to him the scenario has changed. Diffidence has crept in the minds of new age leaders towards their subordinates and even towards themselves.

Well!!! I must confess that I did not provide any point of view as I was too occupied listening to my uncle.

However this post is not about what I have written above. It's rather about a simple yet fascinating categorization of employees he shared with us.

It's called the A,B,C categorization. It's as follows:

A: Apna[hindi word for 'myself']- These employees are a classic example of self obsessed employees. They are not bothered about the company neither the peers,subordinates and superior. Or rather I would correct myself by saying that these employees might be concerned about the peers, subordinates and superiors only if they can serve or facilitate his self interest and purpose.

B: Boss- Well!!! I am sure we all have met this specie. They are the ones concerned more about their boss's interest, purpose and vision than the company's vision. The funny part is that their commitment towards the boss transcends the boundaries of their boss's professional life. He might even agree to dedicate his time and energy to fulfill the boss's dog's purpose.

C: Company- Even the Gallup Survey reveals that not many employees fall under this category. In other words they are the actively engaged employees. They are the ones who dedicate their professional life for the company and it's purpose.

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