December 14, 2009

Sky rocketing in the business- The Rocket Singh Way!!!!

It's been ages since Corporate India learned a few lessons from bollywood movies. Lagaan was infact the last movie that drew the attention of B-School junta and the corporate for learning a few management gems.

I am just back from watching Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year starring Ranbir Kapoor as the main protagonist Harpreet Singh Bedi aka Rocket Singh. He is an academic disaster with 30 something % from his B- Com Graduation exam. While his friends want him to crack the CAT exam, he recognizes his academic limitations and decides to pursue a career in sales. Thanks to the Big Boss [AYS owner] who feels that he would contribute to the balance sheet even though he was not promising in his marks sheet.

He gets a job at a sales company called AYS which is a sharp contrast to his idealistic values and work ethics.
He finds himself in a space plagued with politics, bribes, unrealistic targets, a porn addict etc. However, when he is directly confronted with bribe, he sticks to his ideals and files a complaint against the client. This doesn't go well with his bosses and he is verbally abused and given a lower profile job with strict warning.

Along with this comes humiliation from his colleagues who keep throwing paper rockets at him.

Frustrated yet motivated, he starts an underground sales business called Rocket Sales Corp without the knowledge of anyone in the company. Slowly, he ropes in few other employees and gives them equal share of profits. He uses the existing premises of the office for his business but operates in a smart and discreet manner.

His business is based on customer orientation, great service, building realationship,trust,honesty,equal share of profits and mutual respect [lets include amazing wits and risk too ;-)]. Customers are in awe of the business and sales propel to sky rocketing level

However, AYS owner comes to know about it and buys his company for Ruppee one in a rather humiliating manner.

Well!! the acquisition doesn't help much either. The liabilities increase and sales fall even further.
Rocket Singh is offered a job as Vice President- sales and told to return.

Predictably, he refuses the offer and provides the AYS owner some business gyan. It's the gyan part which completely mesmerizes me. He advises the AYS owner about making a transition from numbers[money] to people. He explains how a business is all about people and not so much about numbers.

The gyan leaves the AYS owner[including me] speechless for a few moments. Good sense prevails and AYS owner asks for a one Ruppee coin[ in a humbling manner this time ;-)] and returns the share of Rocket Singh's company back to him.

It's a movie which all the HR guys must watch and feel proud of.

One of my favorite blogger and inspiration Gautam Ghosh has also written his interesting thoughts on the movie. Check this out.

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Ebrahim Kabir said...

Loved the review. Well written. And quite liked the film.