July 29, 2008

The Bench Blight....

Mr X is a bright fresher from one of the most reverred engineering colleges of the city. During the recruitment process; he seemed to have the perfect cultural fit in the organization.

However; six months later; he is a dissapointed person and so is the organization based on his performance rating.

The reason for the low performance rating is non allocation of project to him after training.Therefore; he did not have enough scope to write about his performance on the self appraisal report.

He was on the bench for the entire six months.

Such a situation is common in IT/BPO firms when mass recruitment happens in absence of projects or the trained employee doesn't seem good enough to be allocated into a project.

The above situation is sad for both the employee and employer.

I want to focus on three important aspects of 'Bench Blight'

Firstly; mass recruitment in absence of projects increases probability of
the 'Bench Blight' as accomadating them in limited projects becomes tough.

Secondly; if an employee is found to be a misfit after training programme then the recruitment process must have had a few glitches in selecting the right employee.

Finally; it might seem perfectly fine for an employee to recieve his salary while sitting on the bench but when it comes to filling the self appraisal report ; the scene becomes disheartening. It's important for the employee to be proactive in the best of his capacity and make himself ready for a project.

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