July 26, 2008

Will E-learning work??????

The question posed above is triggered by an article which appeared in the Indian Management magazine, A business Standard publication in it's July 2008 issue.

My initial reaction to the above question is Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na?????

Apparently; I will attempt to answer it with my limited acumen in HRM.
I feel a lot of factors influence the implementation of E-learning.

1)Cost- As it requires an initial investment which might be sky rocketing but in the long term it has a lower running cost.
2)Influencing the mind-set of employees to accept the new format of learning.
3) Hi -Tech V/S Low Touch- It will lack the human touch in absence of trainers and facilitators. It must ensure that a robust delivery mechanism is adopted and the learning modules are well structured.
4) Skills- I can't imagine learning Communication skills,Team skills,Fish Philosophy,Six thinking Hats [Just to name a few!!!] through E-learning. Any form of experiential learning is not possible through E-learning in the best of my current knowledge.

Yet, I strongly believe E-Learning has it's own significant place in the corporate in terms of it's customised needs.

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Amrita said...


I am currently workin with an e-learning company. There's quite a lot you can learn from e-learning. In fact its moving towards Hi-tech & Hi-Touch.. Will give you more details in coll if your interested. I love your blogs.. great stuff.. !!