July 21, 2008

Work can be fun at Google...

I came across this article in The Economics times with the title
'Work can be fun at Google' . Reading the article was delightful and compelled me to hallucinate about working in a similar place.

I feel the the suitable title would have been 'Work is fun at Google' considering the fact that employees have varied means to have fun at workplace which are in practice.

But my question is 'Can all companies have such a fun culture???'

The answer according to my modest knowledge is a blunt 'No'.
It obviously does not require the finance head's sanction on getting a casual wear dress code at office or playing pranks at your seniors or getting a back massage....
But if you want to put such spunky HR practices at workplace then you need a workforce which has the innate ability to have fun along with work and produce the desired results. However, such kind of talent is not in opulence according to me.

I personally feel that whenever Google recruits a candidate; it makes sure that he is worth enough to deserve that fun.

Wish I can have some fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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